Case Studies



Kavindi, 14, was diagnosed with leprosy when health workers visited her village to do door to door screening. They noticed she had a small patch of lightened skin and confirmed that she had the disease. Click here to read full story

Mokchi, Nepal?width=216&height=130&mode=crop

Mokchi, Nepal

The Kohkana leprosy community in Nepal is home to 160 people. People who are disabled as a result of leprosy can apply to live here and be provided with accommodation by the government. Many choose to do so because of the stigma they face in their local communities. Click here to read full story

Rabina, Nepal?width=216&height=130&mode=crop

Rabina, Nepal

Rabina is 16 years old and was diagnosed with leprosy at Anandaban Hospital in 2010. She has previously visited 14 other hospitals in an attempt to find out the cause of her symptoms, but none of them had given a correct diagnosis. Click here to read full story

Maimouna, Niger?width=216&height=130&mode=crop

Maimouna, Niger

Maimouna, 60, has severely shortened legs due to leprosy-related bone resorption and injuries resulting from nerve damage. She cannot walk but rides from her village of Garin Dan Gao to nearby CSL Danja Hospital for treatment on a donkey provided to her by The Leprosy Mission. Click here to read full story

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