Sahir is 16 years old and lives in Kushtia District in Bangladesh with his mother and younger brother and sister.

The community in which Sahir and his family live had never even heard of leprosy, meaning despite visible patches on Sahir’s face he was never told to seek treatment. Sahir’s leprosy was finally diagnosed when The Leprosy Mission were visiting old patients in the area - including his mother. 

His younger brother and sister also had patches on their skin and the whole family has since been diagnosed with leprosy. 

Since then, Sahir and his family have been treated for leprosy but its effects remain. Sahir’s hands are clawed from the disease and two years ago he lost the big toe on his left foot.   

Sahir’s clawed hands cause him distress and he says “I cannot do anything due to my hand” – he desperately needs reconstructive surgery. This Christmas you can help someone like Sahir regain the use of their hands by giving a gift today.

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