• Orthopaedic projectOrthopaedic project
  • Kogi State - Socio-Economic Development ProjectKogi State - Socio-Economic Development Project
  • Kebbi and Sokoto: Yes We Can!Kebbi and Sokoto: Yes We Can!

Chanchaga Orthopaedic Workshop

The Chanchaga Orthopaedic Workshop in Minna, Niger State is one of the few orthopaedic workshops in Nigeria. The workshop produces mobility devices for people with leprosy-related impairments such as prosthetic limbs and molded shoes, and distributes other devices such as crutches, wheelchairs and protective footwear. We are helping the Workshop to become a more sustainable social enterprise: continuing to serve people affected by leprosy for free, but also increasing its customer base to include other people with disabilities and providing a wider range of quality orthopaedic services and products. We are also supporting the Workshop's marketing activities, and helping it to upgrade its facilities and services.

Kogi State – Promoting Human Rights Protection

This is a wide-ranging project focusing on advocacy, health and livelihoods in the central state of Kogi. To protect rights of women and children, the project is appointing community-based ombudsmen to mediate in abuse cases. A local disabled people's organisation has also been helped to set up a committee to investigate violations of disabled persons' rights. The project empowers people affected by leprosy by providing adult literacy classes. Health issues are being addressed by building latrines and holding community discussions on sanitation and HIV/AIDS. To develop livelihoods, the project is setting up cooperative groups, and providing vocational and book-keeping training.

Kwara State - Primary Health Care and Livelihoods

This project is funded by the Guernsey Overseas Aid Committee (GOAC) and will refurbish and requip a referral hospital (Okegbala) and a primary health centre (Eleyin) in Kwara State. Health personnel (including community volunteers and birth attendants) are also being trained in the areas of leprosy, malaria and maternal health. The project is also supporting livelihood development through arranging vocational training for people affected by leprosy and providing equipment for income-generating activities.

Kebbi and Sokoto: Yes We Can! 

We co-fund this project with TLM Sweden. Working in a number of marginalised leprosy-affected communities in northwest Nigeria, it aims to increase government commitment to leprosy by lobbying public officials and liaising with human rights organisations. The project will also provide direct livelihood support to people affected by leprosy, through farming training and linking self-help groups with micro-finance organisations. Access to water and sanitation will be improved by drilling boreholes and building latrines. 

Fundraising in Nigeria

We are assisting TLM Nigeria in their fundraising plan which will attract funding and support from Nigeria's churches, individuals and corporate leaders, partly through raising a national network of supporting volunteers to hope mobilise local fund-raising.