South Sudan

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  • Lori-Rokwe community projectLori-Rokwe community project

Stand up Luri Rokwe

Luri-Rokwe is a leprosy community on the outskirts of the capital, Juba. Our work in the community was adversely affected in 2014 by the conflict in South Sudan. However we were still able to work with the community to build latrines, improve water access and also to provide emergency aid after villagers were displaced due to fighting. Now that the community is more stable, TLM South Sudan has started a new project with four key aspects: health and self-care, to reduce disability; livelihoods, including agricultural training and micro-credit; education, including school improvement, teacher training and material support for the most vulnerable children; and social support and empowerment, working through the church and disabled people's organisations to provide counselling and to encourage solidarity and self-help among people affected by leprosy and people with disabilities.

Leprosy control, Jonglei State

We had planned to support leprosy control services through hospitals and health centres in Jonglei State, where there are currently no leprosy medical services for a population of about 1.5 million people. The outbreak of conflict in 2013 and ongoing political instability halted progress on developing this project. Work on developing this project has now restarted and will continue in 2016. The plan is to conduct health worker training in three counties, in identifying leprosy cases and referring them to Bor Hospital.