Sri Lanka

  • Empowering disadvantaged communities - JaffnaEmpowering disadvantaged communities - Jaffna
  • Clean water - JaffnaClean water - Jaffna
  • Mobilising communities for the reduction of leprosy prevalence and stigmaMobilising communities for the reduction of leprosy prevalence and stigma

Empowering disadvantaged communities - Jaffna

Working in leprosy affected communities in Jaffna, this project identifies people affected by leprosy, ensuring treatment is delivered and hospital referrals are arranged where necessary. Regular home visits are made by health workers, and villagers are trained in self care techniques to dress wounds and prevent further injury. Education assistance is provided for approximately 300 children, and vocational training will benefit a further 15 young people.

Clean water - Jaffna

This project will provide clean water for 14 families (25 adults and 47 children) living in Kattupulam, a village on the outskirts of Jaffna. These families were displaced as a result of the violent civil war in North and East Sri Lanka, and all are affected by leprosy. The project will enable new wells to be dug to provide clean water - something that is vital to them being able to reclaim their land, help them to rebuild their homes, and aid them in their return to their old jobs of fishing and farming.

Mobilising communities for the reduction of leprosy prevalence and stigma

This project will work through our partner the Alliance Development Trust to encourage churches across Sri Lanka to work to reduce leprosy prevalence and to support members of their communities already affected by leprosy. Church members will be encouraged and equipped to reach out in love and practical care to people affected by leprosy, as well as to raise awareness of the disease and its treatment, with teams of volunteers mobilised from each local congregation linked to the National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka.