Collection boxes

  • Be a 'change maker' for The Leprosy MissionBe a 'change maker' for The Leprosy Mission

Small change can bring about big change, which is why our supporters are keen to request easy-to-assemble cardboard collection boxes.

You can use the boxes to individually collect for The Leprosy Mission or you could challenge your church or group to see how much change they can collect within a certain time, for example, during Advent or Lent. Asking whether a box can be located in your church or used to collect loose change at meetings is a popular and easy way for people to support our work.

collection boxes

From L to R:  the wooden ‘L’ box from 1910, a red plastic ‘L’ box from the 1980s and a more recent hexagonal collection box made from recycled rags at The Leprosy Mission’s vocational training centre in Vizianagaram in India.

Our Mission’s collection boxes are often the subject of the older generation’s Sunday School memories – particularly the L-shaped boxes pictured. Now collectors’ items, the wooden box pictured on the left even bears our former name.

To order collection boxes please contact your Regional Manager or alternatively call us on 01733 370505.