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  • Study notes

To help you with your study of God’s word, we’ve compiled some study notes that are available for you to view online or download. We hope you will find them useful and a blessing.

Our theme is our five senses – sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. Perhaps the key Bible verse for all the studies is from Psalm 139:14, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” We chose our theme as a reminder of the impairment of the senses experienced by those with leprosy, an impairment that damages and diminishes their lives so drastically.

Each of the five studies stands alone, so you can use them in whatever order you prefer. For two of the studies (taste and hearing) you will need to do some preparation, and this is outlined for you at the top of the first page of each study. They are mainly designed for group study, but of course can be used by those working alone as well..

Please don’t feel you have to complete every study. Just go at a pace that your group is comfortable with and stop when your time is up. It’s supposed to be enjoyable! A suggested outline for your time together is:

  • Social time – have a coffee and chat for ten minutes at the start
  • Worship – perhaps sing a couple of songs and/or pray together
  • Study – work your way through the notes at your own pace
  • Closing prayer


One area of the body most at risk for a leprosy sufferer is the eyes. The bacteria (mycobacterium leprae) that gives people leprosy concentrates in specific parts of the body, including the eyes, and this can frequently lead to blindness. Let’s take a closer look at how leprosy can take away our crucial sense of sight.
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There is so much distracting noise around us, vying for our attention. Adverts on television are louder than the programmes they separate. Traffic goes past, dogs bark, children play, the radio sings out – so many external noises. Then there are the noises on the inside – the thoughts you can’t ignore, nagging worries, hurt, anger, all the things you have to do tomorrow. One in five people in the UK has hearing difficulties. How much more difficulty do we have in hearing the voice of God?
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Most of us take our ability to taste for granted, but as with every function of our bodies, the mechanism by which it happens is an astonishing testimony to our Creator’s handiwork. How do we taste something? Each step in the process is so complex that we still understand only a small part of it. Once again we come back to the words of Psalm 139:14, we are ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’.
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The sense of touch is part of our body’s ‘somatosensory’ system. Did you know that the human body can detect pressure on the skin at 0.00004 inches? That’s incredibly light! God gave us all our senses and in this study we are going to look at touch.
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From freshly cut grass to freshly baked bread; from furniture polish to flowers. Can there be anything that so easily transports us back to another time or another place, to provoke nostalgia and emotions? Here we look at how our sense of smell can not only enhance our daily lives, but also serve to heighten our sense and appreciation of God, and help us reflect His image.
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Following Christ has always involved a ‘cost’.

It is sometimes difficult for us when our Christianity means being different or standing out from the crowd.
Download our study notes on the cost of discipleship: being different.

  • Who are those whose voices are often unheard?
  • How can we amplify their voices?
  • What role does the church have in tackling poverty and injustice?

Download our study notes on speaking up against injustice.

God wants to transform us and our lives in many different ways.


  • What are His top ten personal transformation points?

Download our study notes on transformation.