The Barbara & Eddie Askew bursary

Barbara and Eddie Askew joined The Leprosy Mission in 1950. For over three decades they demonstrated love in action and touched the lives of many people affected by leprosy. The bursaries in their name are discretionary awards which will be given to individuals who demonstrate commitment to our vision and work. They will be awarded to people who demonstrate an interest in and commitment to the work of The Leprosy Mission, or to assist people to undertake research which, in the view of the committee, will enable the furthering of leprosy work.

Last year the Askew Bursary was awarded to Elizabeth Mason-Whitehead from Chester University. Elizabeth has undertaken research on perceived stigma among leprosy communities in Naini, India. At present, she is in the process of publishing her research material. She has also gone onto raise awareness through local media and Cathedral Universities newsletter circulars about leprosy. In August 2017, she presented her research findings to Leprosy Mission staff.

We would like to invite applications focused on one of the following topics for 2018:

1. What is the financial or social cost impact of leprosy-related disability?
2. What is the economic burden of leprosy to the health system?
3. How do cultural and religious understandings impact on leprosy communities accessing mental wellbeing support?
4. What lessons can be learnt from other NTDs in the fight to defeat leprosy?
The deadline for bursary applications is 5 March 2018. Please send a completed application form, along with a completed equal opportunities form, to Arminda O'Reilly by emailing armindao@tlmew.org.uk.

Application interviews will be held on 30th March 2018.