Nasha is nine years old and is receiving treatment for leprosy at Chanchaga Hospital in Nigeria.

Nasha's mother also has leprosy and when she is travelling to and from Chanchaga Hospital, Nasha and her younger brother live with their Grandmother who lives 3 hours away from the Hospital.

Three years ago, their Grandmother noticed that Nasha's fingers were beginning to claw. Thankfully, she knew about leprosy and Nasha was taken to the hospital were she was diagnosed and treated. 

One day Nasha's younger brother came to visit her at the Hospital. Whilst they were playing, Nasha noticed a small patch - she took him to the hospital nurse and asked her to help him. He too has leprosy but thankfully it was noticed in the early stages.

Nasha dreams of the day when she will be able to play with friends.

"When I get better I want to be able to go to school and make friends".

This Christmas time you can transform the lives of children like Nasha and her younger brother. A gift of £24 could provide the necessary treatment to cure a child of leprosy.

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