Our Mary, Aruna, is staying at a Leprosy Mission hospital on her own.

Aruna is only 13 years old and lives in Kalipur with 'Mummy, Pappa, Grandpa and his brother.' She has one younger brother. 

She was diagnosed with leprosy two years ago, when she was 11 years old. When she was diagnosed she was very scared and her family were also very worried. 

Leprosy has made her fingers bent and unusable. She loves to massage her mothers shoulders, but she is no longer able to because of her clawed hand.

Aruna desperately needs surgery to enable her to use her hand freely again. She dreams of being a teacher in the future. Your £120 could fix the clawed, rigid fingers of a little girl like Aruna, breaking the chains of leprosy and helping them achieve their dreams.

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