Bishal was diagnosed with leprosy a year ago, when he was eight years old.

His mother noticed a small raised bump on his skin and took him to Hospital. He was then referred to Anandaban Hospital in Nepal.

Bishal loves colouring in and playing cricket –like most nine year old boys. His school friends used to play with him before he had leprosy – now they don’t want to go near him. His skin is red, blistered and swollen. When he takes his tablets he tries to colour in and draw pictures before the pain starts on his fingers, which have clawed inwards on his hand. 

Bishal smiles and says, “If I smile people will only see my smile; they might forget what my skin looks like”.

Bishal also has a younger sister, who is 5 years old. Bishal has not been able to see his sister since he was admitted to Anandaban as she is staying with their Father at home. 

“I miss my sister she does not have me to hold onto at night. I keep her safe and sometimes sing her to sleep,” he said. 

A gift of £120 could give a child like Bishal surgery on their damaged hand or foot allowing them to play with their friends and colour without pain. 


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