From the age of five, Habsou was shunned from her family. Shut in a hut, all alone.

Habsou is from a poor Tuareg nomadic family in Niger who moved around daily to find food. She was only 5 years old when she got leprosy and developed skin patches. It was recommended that Habsou went to Danja hospital for treatment, but her family didn't want her to go because of the stigma surrounding leprosy. Habsou tried traditional medicine which did nothing to help her. She was hidden away in a hut for 4 years, isolated and alone.

Habsou finally went to Danja Hospital in Niger aged 13 and received treatment for a number of years – she received medication, treatment for her wounds and, as she was afraid to go home to face more rejection, she refused to leave Danja. The Leprosy Mission paid for a basic house for her so she could remain. It was here that she met her husband, who was also leprosy-affected, and sadly died when Habsou was pregnant with their daughter. Leprosy has disabled Habsou; she has lost her fingers and toes and was only able to survive by begging. Last year she also lost her sight, so she is now unable to do anything unaided.

Habsou says Leprosy took away her dignity.

Your £24 will make sure we can find, diagnose and get the cure to one child, preventing them suffering the same fate as Habsou.

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