Jorgina, Mozambique

Our Ipiro Yohoolo schools project in Cabo Delgado aims to get 200 children from leprosy-affected families to school each year by providing them with a school uniform and sandals and a brand new school bag filled with pens, pencils, exercise books and any other materials they need.

Most people in this rural area of Mozambique are subsistence farmers, often living in terrible poverty.  Good quality education is a key way to break the cycle and help future generations to succeed.

Jorgina is nine and has been in the project for three years. Her parents farm a small patch of land to support Jorgina, her sister and their three brothers. Without the help of Iphiro Yohoolo, Jorgina’s family could not afford to send her to school. Teachers say she is making good progress and she hopes to train as a nurse or midwife.

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