Our Shepherd, Munia, is a long term patient at Purulia Hospital, India.

Photo: Hassan Nezamian

Munia is only 25 years old yet her story is unimaginable.

She was eventually diagnosed with leprosy in 2009. She developed patches on her legs when she was living with her parents but they didn't take her to a doctor and so the disease progressed.

The stigma and discrimination Munia has faced due to leprosy is heartbreaking. Munia's own family set fire to her, and then when she survived, they beat her with sticks until she ran away. She fled to the railway station and lived there for two weeks before she was brought to Purulia Hospital by a man who found her there. 

Since then Munia has stayed at Purulia Hospital as she needs ongoing care for ulcers and has nowhere else to go. She has no family and no home. 

Your £60 could feed a devastated young person like Munia for two months while they stay in hospital - helping them rebuild their immune system and receive the love and care they desperately need.

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