Nafisa, Nigeria

Nafisa Aminou, 20, is from Nigeria and was told, aged 14, she had leprosy and was advised to go to hospital for treatment. But instead she was given traditional herbal treatment for five years. If she was given multidrug therapy at an early stage, it would have been highly unlikely that she would have become disabled.

Eighteen months ago she developed painful ulcers on her legs and hearing of the reputation of The Leprosy Mission's services run from Danja Hospital, she and her mother crossed the border to Niger. On arrival from Nigeria, Nafisa had seriously shortened limbs as a result of her untreated leprosy and her legs were too painful to be touched below the knees. She was given multidrug therapy to treat the disease and her legs were bandaged to in attempt to remove the swelling and some of the pain.

Wheelchair-bound, she began physiotherapy sessions to improve her mobility. Her legs were put in a plaster cast to straighten them and Boehler irons were attached to the plaster casts for walking. She is now able to walk with the help of a walking frame but she is still awaiting surgery on her lower legs which will further increase her independence.

Despite her disabilities Nafisa is hugely grateful for the medical treatment and love she has received at Danja Hospital. She is optimistic that her mobility will continue to improve and she dreams of marrying and having children.

Nafisa's journey


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