Nazmul and Laily, Bangladesh

Nazmul developed leprosy in the 1990s. Although he received treatment, he has clawed hands and feet and has suffered with an ulcer, which caused him to be stigmatised by neighbours.

His wife Laily is a beneficiary of our food security project, which works with 40,000 households to ensure that women can provide for themselves and their families. She received stock to set up a shop as well as rice seed, which their son is helping them to cultivate.

The couple’s shop now makes £4-6 a day, and they are looking forward to harvesting and selling their rice. Laily has joined a women’s savings cooperative and Nazmul has received specially adapted tools and spoons, protective gloves and footwear. Thanks to ulcer management treatment at DBLM Hospital, his ulcer has healed and stigma is no longer such a problem for him. Nazmul and Laily hope they will be able to further develop their business in the future.

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