Today little Saoude goes to primary school in Danja village, Niger and her world seems full of possibility.

Saoude's grandmother, Habsou, is badly affected by leprosy and the family still live in a leprosy community in Danja, Niger. 

Saoude does not yet wear the heavy chains of leprosy but the threat of them is not far away. If she cannot get a good education, she will be forced to marry young as her parents won't be able to afford to look after her.

Little Saoude will have to marry someone from the leprosy community and not of her choosing. It is possible she will be sentenced to a life of poverty, barely surviving because of the impact leprosy has had on her family. 

An education and a job can save her from all this. Saoude will be able  to look after her parents and grandmother with the money she earns. There is a possibility of freedom for Saoude.

Saoude dreams of training to be a nurse when she grows up. £63 pays for a year's fees at secondary school so leprosy-affected children like Saoude can realise their dreams.

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