Our Joseph, Satish, is extremely worried about the deep ulcer on his arm.

Satish is only 11 years old and his family are a two-hour journey away, meaning he only sees his parents once a week when they make the journey to Purulia Hospital to visit him. He has weakness and numbness in his fingers and they’ve been placed and bandages into a splint. Satish is currently having physiotherapy to prevent his fingers from clawing. 

Satish was diagnosed with leprosy six months ago. He had patches on his wrist and shoulder and then after two months of weakness in his finger he developed an abscess. He didn’t know anything about leprosy before he was diagnosed and is extremely scared of what might happen next. Satish is worried about the deep ulcer on his arm. He can’t play cricket, which he loves, because of leprosy.

This Christmas you can help children like Satish.  A gift of £24 would get the cure to a child like Satish and stop leprosy doing its worst. 


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