Sursati is 54 and lives in a leprosy community in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Her leprosy has left her disabled and marginalised, yet she has seven members of her family - four children and three grandchildren - to support.

Sursati's adult sons, Nasayan, 23 and Raju, 19, have received a good education and have the skills they need to get jobs, but the fact their mother is affected by leprosy is proving to be a barrier.

"Because I have leprosy they are not getting a job anywhere," Sursati told us, adding that she also worries the stigma her sons face mean they will find it hard to get married.

"I want my children to get out of this community where I live. My children should not have to beg like me. They should be employed somewhere," she said.

The CREATE project is working in Sursati's community, helping residents to combat stigma and raise awareness of the benefits - such as disability pensions - that they can access. A Leprosy Champion in Sursati's village could make a huge difference to the quality of life of those living there.

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