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The Leprosy Mission England and Wales is committed to transparency in its reporting and information sharing, not only to our donors but also to people affected by leprosy. In addition to our regular publications and updates, we will be publishing information to the International Aid Transparency Initiative Registry (IATI). Click to view the latest version of our IATI Implementation Schedule.”

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Global Poverty Action Fund (GPAF)

Data from the following project in Myanmar, funded by the Department for International Development, is shared as part of the International Aid Transparency Initiative. The project aims to reduce the physical and social barriers faced by 2,000 people with disabilities in seven States and Regions in Myanmar and improve their livelihood opportunities.

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Annual Progress Report 2014-15

Annual Finance Report 2014-15

Logframe 2014-15

Livelihoods and Food Security in Leprosy-Affected Communities in Cabo Delgado Province, Mozambique

This project will improve the livelihoods and food security of 4,496 poor people (below the Mozambican poverty line), including 1,068 people affected by leprosy/other NTDs and people with disabilities, through increased agricultural yields and diversity, and increased access to financial capital. There will be a particular emphasis on empowering women and promoting these vulnerable groups’ participation in local decision-making.

Project proposal

Project budget