Chesa's story

  • Chesa at the Disability Resource Centre in Pakokku, Magway, MyanmarChesa at the Disability Resource Centre in Pakokku, Magway, Myanmar

Hope for a brighter future

Thanks to people like you, more than 100 rural communities in Myanmar have access to disability services. Gifts left in Wills are life-changing for so many, but how much more for a little girl who was once confined to a bamboo enclosure...

For years, Chesa's whole world was a small patch of ground, just a few feet in length. The youngest daughter of a poor family from rural Myanmar, Chesa's prospects were always limited - but it wasn't until her toddler years that her family realised something was seriously wrong. 

As she grew up, Chesa's development lagged far behind her sisters'. She never learned to speak or walk, and couldn't hold her head up by herself.

Although they wanted to help, Chesa's parents had no choice but to continue working to feed their family. For five years, they left her in the enclosure while her mother worked in a shop and her father reared pigs.

Confused and distressed by their daughter's condition, Chesa's parents were overwhelmed by guilt and fear each day they left her behind. Would harm come to her while they were away working? Would her condition become worse? How could they help her? What would become of their little girl? But they were powerless to change her situation...until people like you stepped in.

Thanks to these amazing gifts, The Leprosy Mission team in Myanmar were able to reach out to Chesa and her family and identified her condition as cerebral palsy and learning difficulties. They introduced the family to the Disability Resource Centre in Pakokku, Magway - now like a second home to Chesa.

Through regular physiotherapy and learning support, Chesa can now sit up by herself and engage with learning activities. Although she still lacks coordination and can't yet walk, this change in Chesa is a huge improvement and a significant milestone in her life. Our team have great faith in this little girl and believe that, with continued support, she will be able to integrate into mainstream education.

The journey forward for Chesa will be a challenge but now she has a hand to guide her every step of the way. Although she can't speak, gratitude now shines from her smile and there is hope in her eyes. By far the most amazing change for Chesa is her new freedom - now her world is so much bigger! 

This was all made possible by a small but life-changing investment in her future, thanks to gifts left in Wills by faithful supporters just like you.