Hiransh's story

  • Hiransh working as a tailorHiransh working as a tailor
  • Hiransh and his wifeHiransh and his wife

Building a future

Hiransh ’s proud smile tells the story of a young man who has come a long way and achieved so much against the odds. At 25 years of age, he stands proudly with his wife in front of the home he has built for his family.
Yet, if we rewind back 12 years to the young age of thirteen, Hiransh was given the devastating diagnosis that would shake his whole world. He had leprosy. 

For months, perhaps even years, his body had been slowly changing and he didn’t understand why. To begin with he could not feel the things he touched with his hands. The disease had already damaged his nerves and robbed him of all feeling. If this wasn’t bad enough, his fingers then started to bend in to his palms and he couldn’t straighten them.  At this point, it was impossible to hide or ignore that something was terribly wrong.

By the time Hiransh came to The Leprosy Mission’s Anandaban Hospital near Kathmandu, his nose had already sunk, the bone crumbling on his face. As the team dug a little further into Hiransh’s story, they discovered that the most damage had been done, not by the physical devastation that leprosy causes, but rather by the words of others.

When his community noticed the way Hiransh’s body was beginning to change because of leprosy, they immediately rejected him. Those who had been close to Hiransh for so many years no longer wanted to be friends. They no longer wanted to spend time together or share life’s simple pleasures, instead they considered Hiransh untouchable, unclean even.  It was a feeling that no young man should ever have to experience. 
Thankfully, at Anandaban, he was greeted with open arms of understanding and love. It was here that Hiransh received treatment for his leprosy. Following a successful operation on his sunken nose, the surgeons performed reconstructive surgery on his clawed hands to straighten his fingers.

This gave Hiransh a new-found confidence; he could use his hands again!  With a new-found hope for life, Hiransh has gone from strength to strength. After training for several years through a scheme helping disabled people access vocational training, Hiransh returned to his home in the Far West of Nepal, where he now works as a tailor. It is a job in which he takes great pride and it enables him to support his extended family. 

Hiransh was also invited to join a self-help group in the community run by The Leprosy Mission. The self-help groups bring different marginalised people together to save, start their own businesses and support each other. Now Hiransh no longer feels rejected and isolated because of his leprosy diagnosis. Instead he has found acceptance through the group. He has also been able to save money to build a home for himself, his wife and his elderly parents.

Imagine the pride Hiransh now feels as he stands tall in the community knowing that he has found healing, acceptance and hope for the future. 
His life has been transformed from the shame and desperation he felt when diagnosed.

These life changing transformations were all made possible by the gifts left in Wills by faithful supporters just like you.