Heal Nepal Donation FAQs 

When will my donation be doubled?

The UK government is doubling donations to Heal Nepal made between 27 January and 27 April 2019.

Will my existing Direct Debit be doubled?

No, existing regular gifts will not be doubled. However, if you are an existing regular donor and you increase your regular gift (made via standing order/direct debit) in response to Heal Nepal, the amount your regular gift is increased by will be matched for three months, regardless of when you increase it during the appeal. For example, if you already give £10 per month and you increase your gift to £30 per month during the appeal, the difference will be matched (£20 x three months = £60).

If I set up a new Direct Debit, how long will it be doubled for?

If you are a new regular donor (giving via standing order/direct debit) who signs up between 27 January and 27 April, the first three months of your regular donation will be matched. 

Are there any specific Gifts for Life that will be doubled thanks to UK Aid Match?

Yes, many of our Gifts for Life relating to medical care and hospital treatment will be doubled until 27 April. You can purchase them online by clicking here.

Will Gift Aid be doubled?

No, Gift Aid is not included in UK Aid Match.

I'm planning a sponsored event. Can the money I raise be doubled?

Yes. Please contact post@tlmew.org.uk or telephone 01733 370505 to request your Heal Nepal sponsorship form and any other resources you may need.

if you have any other questions about UK Aid Match and Heal Nepal, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by emailing post@tlmew.org.uk.