Sanu and Kushi had their leprosy cured when staff tracked them down after their mother's diagnosis, but their brother Sahir still needs your help

Sixteen-year-old Sahir and his family are from a very poor community living alongside a railway line in western Bangladesh. They farm the land to feed themselves and make ends meet. 

But since he was a small child Sahir has – unknowingly – displayed signs of leprosy. A bad ulcer on his left foot resulted in him losing his big toe and leprosy-caused nerve damage means he can no longer straighten the fingers on his left hand which upsets him deeply. Sahir’s community did not know about leprosy and he was becoming increasingly worried about his failing body.

Sahir is amazingly grateful to the kindness of people like you. It meant that Leprosy Mission workers, who recently diagnosed and cured his mum from leprosy, were able to go to his home and diagnose and cure him and his brother and sister from leprosy. But whereas his brother and sister were treated in time to be spared disabilities, Sahir was not so fortunate.


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You can bring hope and healing to Sahir

He is upset that his clawed hand means he can no longer farm the land and he feel useless. With nothing to do with his time except for fear for his future, Sahir was keen to take up the invitation to volunteer with the Leprosy Mission team and travel from village to village telling people about leprosy and helping to look for its early signs in people. He says it is the only useful thing he can now do and would hate anyone else to suffer like he is.

But Sahir doesn’t need to face such a bleak future. He could have reconstructive surgery so that he is able to straighten his fingers and use his left hand once again.

The good news is that it costs just £120 for a surgeon to heal and restore a life like Sahir’s!

Are you willing to transform a life and give new hope?