Greater Heights Fundraising Ideas

Why not do more of what you love to help end leprosy? This year, we're asking you to set yourself a personal challenge that will take you to 'greater heights'!

Here are some ideas, but you can aim as high as you would like. For a really easy way to generate sponsorship, you can set up a fundraising page with our Virtual Collection Box. Or you can also download a paper sponsorship form.

  • Do you love baking? Why not bake the biggest cake you’ve ever made? Or organise an epic bake sale or coffee morning with your church or group?
  • If you usually run 10K, go for your first half marathon
  • Challenge yourself to walk more miles in a month than ever before, or climb to the top of your highest local landmark or church steeple
  • Are you an avid reader? Challenge yourself to read more books than ever before in a set time period
  • Fancy getting fit? Set yourself a daily step or stair climb challenge. Anandaban Hospital is 1,541 metres above sea level, that’s 2,022 steps. How about a 2022 personal challenge?

Children and young people can get involved too

  • Build the highest Lego tower you can – people could sponsor each brick!
  • Hit an exercise milestone - whether that’s walking, cycling, scooting or swimming. Perhaps you could challenge yourself to go as far as the height of Mount Everest – that’s 5.49 miles
  • Bake and build a gingerbread tower
  • Organise a sponsored dance or sing
  • Visit a climbing wall and climb to the greatest height you can

We’d love to see how you go to Greater Heights, so please share your photos with us and tell us about what you’ve been up to on social media or by emailing