Pray for Heal Nepal

"You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden” Matthew 5:14

  • Give thanks for the ongoing generous gifts and prayers that meant we were able to reach out to 18,000 people affected by the earthquake that devastated Nepal in 2015. Please pray that Heal Nepal will be able to support the many newly diagnosed patients who will need care at Anandaban Hospital, and that even more people will be found, cured and healed thanks to donations to Heal Nepal being doubled by the UK Government thanks to UK Aid Match
  • Praise God for the dedicated staff at Anandaban who work tirelessly to bring hope and healing to those affected by leprosy and pray for God's provision and protection for them as they continue to work in this region prone to natural disasters
  • Give thanks for the medical teams who, through outreach clinics to remote villages, identify and treat patients who can then visit Anandaban Hospital for further treatment as required. Pray for many more opportunities to find all such ‘hidden’ cases of leprosy and that the fear of diagnosis and stigma of the disease will not prevent people seeking treatment when the clinics are being held
  • Give thanks that physical disability caused by leprosy can be treated and restored through surgery and physiotherapy. Pray against fear and stigma and for courage to seek treatment in isolated communities

  • Pray for wisdom and guidance for Dr Indra Napit, Medical Director at Anandaban Hospital, as he leads the team there

  • Give thanks for the research facility at Anandaban which is a centre of excellence and a world leading authority in leprosy treatment. Please pray for continued breakthroughs in the pursuit of better ways to diagnose, treat and prevent leprosy and for effective ways to manage leprosy reaction