World Leprosy Sunday 2020

People like Phyo need Hospital Heroes

Phyo is a patient at Mawlamyine Christian Leprosy Hospital in Myanmar and admits that he would have died had it not been for the care he has received there.

His hands and feet have been permanently disabled and he is currently being treated for a severe ulcer on his foot. Dr Saw, one of the team at Mawlamyine, explained to us that without expert ongoing care, Phyo is in danger of having to have his leg amputated.

"In Myanmar, if you have disabilities caused by leprosy, you will lose your job and be cast out of your community. Often people have nowhere to go," he said.

Every day, hospital heroes like Dr Saw (pictured below) go above and beyond to bring hope and healing to people like Phyo. By supporting our World Leprosy Sunday 2020 appeal, you will enable him - and other Leprosy Mission teams around the world - to provide critical care and work towards an end to leprosy.

Your support could fund a doctor, provide specialist leprosy training and ensure that our hospitals remain the oasis of love and vital care that they've become for so many.

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Christ came to us and met us in our suffering. We need to intentionally meet those affected by leprosy.

As we are currently unable to visit churches to speak at World Leprosy Sunday events, you can use the video service below to share as part of an online event with your church or group.

This year, hold your World Leprosy Sunday event to help Hospital Heroes like those at Mawlamyine continue their vital work. You can download or order your free resources by clicking here.