From the age of five, Habsou was shunned from her family. Shut in a hut. Alone

As a small child, Habsou will have had nights where she couldn't hold back the tears. She was rejected by her family, hidden in a hut, alone and terrified. The trauma and loneliness this five-year child experienced caused huge sadness to descend upon her over the four lonely years where she was completely isolated. She eventually harmed herself, unable to cope.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for this to happen to children and adults affected by leprosy. Most of us could not cope with the feelings of abandonment, shame and isolation Habsou endured at such a young age.

Now Habsou is blind. She's lost most of her fingers and toes and her face is disfigured beyond recognition. She shares these haunting words: 'I used to have many suitors, but who would want me now?"

Despite receiving treatment at age 13, there are some things that cannot be undone and Habsou has to live with the devastating effects of leprosy. 

Many of us live with the pain of regrets, of dreams and souls aching for what could have been.

But leprosy is curable. It costs £24 to get the cure to a child so they don't share Habsou's fate.

Please join with many other churches and groups and help break the chains of leprosy in Niger. Click here to order your resources now!

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I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

You can make sure no child is left to be a victim of leprosy

We know we have the solution - but we can't fix it without your help:

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  • You can make sure children are diagnosed if they have any signs of leprosy - straight away.

  • With your help today children will be given the cure for leprosy to make sure leprosy is not left to do its worst.

  • These teams will go in Jesus' name because of your gifts, ready to administer care and bandages where leprosy has already begun to attack these children's bodies

  • You can help a child like Habsou hidden behind closed doors today.