Become a Church Representative

Church Representatives are the vital bridge between The Leprosy Mission and thousands of churches. Three Representatives share why they are passionate about being involved in the work of The Mission.

Become a Church Representative and bring hope, healing and restoration.

The Leprosy Mission's work is supported by many faithful churches through prayer and financial support. We are blessed to be co-workers, demonstrating love for some of the world's most marginalised people, as Jesus called us to.

The role of the Church Representative is vital as we look to to see leprosy defeated and lives transformed. Not everyone can work in a hospital overseas, but by joining the Leprosy Mission team you will play an instrumental role and minister to people suffering with the effects of leprosy.

Your role

Depending on how much spare time you have, the following activities could be part of your role as a Church Representative: 

  • Distribution of Leprosy Mission communications e.g : New Day, Prayer Diary Update and the Gifts for Life catalogue

  • Prayer

  • Encouraging your church and small groups to pray for the work of The Leprosy Mission.

  • Fundraising and events

  • Publicising and share information about campaigns such as the annual World Leprosy Sunday.

  • Networking with other regional Church Representatives

  • Real team work

    Our team of Regional Managers work hard to support our Church Representatives and ensure that they have everything needed as well as keeping them informed of local events and supporter meetings. We provide a range of resources to support Church Representatives, which you can also order online by clicking here.
    If you’d like to discuss becoming a Church Representative today, telephone Alisia O’Sullivan, Church Partnerships Officer on 01733 516083 or email

    What Church Representatives say


    Mavis Littleford

    St Jude's Church

    "I feel so blessed by God that He has used me, enabled me and rewarded me over the years for being passionate about the area of His work He laid on my heart some 30 years ago. It is a credit to the staff at home and abroad and volunteers who have led the way before us to help bring healing to those affected by leprosy.

    "So much has been achieved, but there is still so much to do. We need to keep up the momentum and pass on a heart for this mission to the next generation, to follow Jesus’ instruction to ‘heal those who have leprosy.’"



    Dawn Macaulay

    Tove Valley Baptist Church

    "I see my role with as a Church Representative as a way that I can partner with those on the front line by helping to raise financial and prayer support for vulnerable people suffering with leprosy. It is a privilege to be able to serve in this way.

    "I was able to visit a project in India last year, which gave me first hand experience of meeting both people affected by leprosy and those who work caring for them. This experience helped me greatly with sharing resources and prayers with my church. I am greatly encouraged and blessed by how God uses me to reach others so that they too can be a part of seeing leprosy defeated and lives transformed and I have been given great support and encouragement in my role."