Guernsey’s generosity in helping people affected by leprosy

The warm welcome from the people in Guernsey who provide support for those affected by leprosy through fund-raising and prayers left Martin Pitman “humbled”.

Slum area of Ethiopia where latrines are being built

The Regional Manager for the charity who spent 10 days on the island said the people he met in churches across Guernsey were very enthusiastic about helping others who were less fortunate than themselves.

From the Guernsey Prayer and Support Group who held a tea party in Les Capelles and the ladies breakfast at  Les Cotils Christian  Centre to the many groups who organised coffee mornings and fellowship times , the generous response of so many helped to raise over £3,000 during the visit.

“People pulled out all the stops to raise as much money as possible,” Mr Pitman said.
 “I want to say a huge thank you to the people of Guernsey including the Guernsey Press & Star and BBC Radio Guernsey, who were all willing to champion the cause of people affected by leprosy. Their willingness to help was extremely touching and humbling.”

The visit was to acknowledge the work being done and to encourage the local churches and the charity’s supporters who are currently raising funds to rebuild Anandaban Leprosy Hospital, in Nepal, which was damaged by the earthquake.

Guernsey has been a long-time supporter of the people the charity serves.  In addition to church and individual support the Guernsey Overseas Aid Commission  has also generously contributed to projects including building a new women’s ward at Anandaban and  building latrines in Nigeria and Ethiopia. 

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