Nepal Fuel blockade lifted

The fuel blockade that was severely affecting life in Nepal has been lifted.

Motorbikes queuing for fuel during the blockade.

The minority Madhesi groups have ended their four-month blockade of crossings along the border with India which had led to severe shortages of fuel and other supplies.

Rakchhya Maharjan from The Leprosy Mission’s Anandaban Hospital said it would still be “at least a month” before things were back to normal.

She said: “There are still long queues at fuel pumps, although they are moving faster with waiting times reduced to two hours. And there is still rationing of fuel.”

Plans to rebuild houses that were destroyed by the earthquake had been put on hold but will now resume “slowly but surely”.

Rakchhya said: “Our focus now is to continue with the work that was being done on the surgical ward.”

Work on individual houses destroyed by the earthquake, for which The Leprosy Mission has been raising funds through its Rebuild Nepal appeal, and the hospital guest house which had also been destroyed, is expected to start in the near future.

The Madhesi groups who live along the southern plains bordering India were demanding changes to a new constitution which they said failed to represent them.

The groups lifted the border blockade but said they will continue with their campaign for better representation.

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