Youngest fundraiser Dylan went barefoot for a weekend

Meet our youngest fundraiser – Dylan, aged nine.

On Friday, 28 August Dylan threw off his shoes and didn’t put them back again until Monday morning – to raise money for people less fortunate than himself.

He raised more than £300 for The Leprosy Mission England and Wales’ Feet First campaign to buy protective shoes, and other support, for people affected by leprosy in Mozambique and other African countries.

The money, raised during the three-month campaign between 1 June  and 31 August 2015, will be doubled through the government’s UK Aid Match scheme for development charities.  This means that Dylan will have helped to buy protective sandals for 30 people in Mozambique.

On his fundraising page he wrote ‘I am going barefoot for Leprosy Mission, England, Wales, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man because we are lucky we can make choices’.

Dylan, who read about leprosy in The Bible, said he” likes giving up things” – he has raised funds for a homeless charity, the Children’s Society and for the local church’s restoration fund in the past.
“Giving up things makes me remember how lucky I am,” he said. “I like to help others.”

Dylan went barefoot the whole weekend until Monday morning. That included walking on gravel, playing outdoors and even going to church where “the stone floor was cold”.

He said: “I had to walk slowly first, then it got easier.

“I was happy tell people about leprosy.  It made me feel closer to Jesus.”

Mum Catherine said the family even went to the theatre, a music gig and visited their favourite pub where Dylan walked on cobblestones.

 “I am always amazed at Dylan’s understanding and awareness of others and his passion and desire to help, and his amazing strength and determination,” she said.

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