When a child is diagnosed with leprosy - it is an emergency.

6-year old Maria was found by The Leprosy Mission's outreach team in Bangladesh. She had leprosy patches on her arm. The village where she lives is hidden deep in the jungle. During monsoons it is very hard to travel there.

But The Leprosy Mission team is determined to find other children like Maria.

They go to incredible lengths to reach these remote villages. They travel on motorbikes or by rickshaw. And often, in bad weather, their vehicles must be pulled through the mud in order to reach their destination. But the team never gives up.

They are heroes. Will you be a hero too?

Maria has now been tested for leprosy. Sadly she has the disease. Not only that, but her mother and father have also been diagnosed with leprosy. 

For children like Maria, we urgently need to get them the cure for leprosy.

It costs £24 to get the cure to other children like Maria. But we need to find them and diagnose them quickly.

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Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.

You can give children like Maria a future and a hope. But they need the cure for leprosy today.

Imagine how Maria's parents felt, finding out not only their daughter, but they both have such a feared disease. 

Can you imagine finding out that all your family are in such danger?

They struggle just to find enough food, and now they have even more troubles. Will their children be able to finish school? How will they work if they are disabled? Who will Maria marry if she has leprosy?

But because of your kindness we can tell them that leprosy is curable and your £24 can make sure they get the help they need.

Please pray for Maria, and the other children in her village, that they get the treatment they desperately need.