Spell out. Do not use ‘OK’.


No hyphen.

online (adjective, adverb)

No hyphen, e.g. an online tool…, Go online.

Opt out statement

Where opt out wording is used (most commonly on the bottom of a response form), please use the following approved version:

We love keeping in touch with you, but if you would like to change how you hear from us, or would like a copy of our privacy policy simply call us on 01733 370505 or email post@TLMEW.org.uk.

Organisations of People Affected by Leprosy (OPALs)

Please note this term has changed from Leprosy People’s Organisations. The language used is more respectful.

Over/more than

Use over not ‘more than’ with measurements and ages. So: over 20m long, over 50 years old.

Compare more than.