Use single quote marks, and then double quote marks for quotes within quotes. This rule applies to Bible quotes as well as speech, even if this is different to NIV style.

Partial quotes be.g.in with no punctuation and contain no punctuation. E.g. He said it was ‘amazing and unforgettable’. But it’s not great style and can be a lazy substitute for clear writing.

Full quotes can be.g.in with a comma and contain punctuation e.g. He said, ‘It was amazing, truly amazing.’ Or you can start a sentence with the quote if it works e.g. ‘It was amazing, truly amazing,’ said James.

Don’t end a paragraph with a quote mark if the quote continues on to the next paragraph. Be.g.in the next paragraph with another quote mark.

Quotes should add colour, not carry facts. First choice, quote someone affected by leprosy; second a partner; and third a staff member.