race and ethnicity

The following are acceptable terms to use to describe a person’s race or ethnicity:

  • white
  • Black. Note capital B. Never used ‘coloured’ or anything else with racist or out-dated connotations. Use Black people rather than ‘Blacks’
  • Asian (ie people from the Asian subcontinent)
  • mixed race or dual heritage
  • indigenous groups (ie to refer to minority groups whose land and lifestyles are often under threat)
  • African British, African American, African Caribbean, British Chinese, British Asian, Black British, African, Latin American, Caribbean and so on
  • Communities, people and groups not ‘tribes’

Remember to be inclusive and respectful at all times and ask for advice if you need it.


Someone who flees their own country of residence, to another country, for safety.

This is different to an internally displaced person (IDP) who has fled their home but remains within their country of residence.


At first mention, Rev John/Maria Smith. Thereafter John/Maria or Mr/Miss/Ms/Mrs Smith. Never ‘Rev Smith’ or ‘Reverend Smith’, which is American usage.


This means ‘please reply’ in French, so we don’t need to add the word ‘please’ at any point.

Yes: RSVP to post@tlmew.org.uk
No: Please RSVP to post@tlmew.org.uk