When listing teams or in running copy, use upper case for specific teams: Fundraising Team, Programmes Team.

Use lower case when referring to the team or when you are being non-specific e.g. The team is meeting to pray about the matter or Every team at The Leprosy Mission is passionate about ending the disease.

The Leprosy Mission

Use a singular verb for The Leprosy Mission. So: The Leprosy Mission is/has not The Leprosy Mission are/have.

Third World

Don’t use this term. Use low-income countries, middle-income countries, the countries/regions we work in.

No: two-thirds world, southern or third world, poor countries.


In running copy: 10:30am, 5:15pm, five o’clock, midnight, midday. E.g. It ran from 11am to 12:15pm, and 2pm to 4:30.

For listings: 5pm, 5:15am.

For timeframes: 11am–12:15pm, 2–4:30pm.

try to

Use try to never try and.


With capitals, no dots.


When referring to posting a message/update on Twitter, a capital T is used.