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ENAPAL Improved Stoves Project

This project is supporting five local leprosy people’s associations (members of ENAPAL) in Amhara Region to produce and market energy-efficient stoves. The stoves use less firewood, cook more quickly and produce less harmful smoke. This contributes to improved health for women and children (who are mostly involved in cooking), and saves them time and money (meaning children will be more likely to go to school). The production cooperatives will give an income to people affected by leprosy, and by producing and selling the stoves they will contribute to their communities and change negative perceptions of leprosy. 

Comprehensive Leprosy and Rehabilitation Services Programme (Amhara Region)

This four-year project, funded by Jersey Overseas Aid, is providing 1,680 people affected by leprosy with access to local quality leprosy and rehabilitation services in 12 catchment woredas (districts). The Government Boru Meda Hospital has 40 beds for dermatology and leprosy patients. To improve the quality of services, the physio department is being renovated, expanded and equipped. In addition, health workers are being training in leprosy detection and treatment. The project will also support the Ethiopian Association of People Affected by Leprosy (ENAPAL) to provide livelihoods support, housing, education and training for people affected by leprosy.