How we work

Everything we do is focused on our mission to break the chains of leprosy and empower people to attain healing, dignity and life in all its fullness.

Our 2019-23 Strategy has three goals:

Zero leprosy transmission

Ending the transmission of leprosy is our greatest priority. To do this, we share our expertise with health services to diagnose the disease early and treat it through medical care. We increase awareness of leprosy and challenge cultural misconceptions with evidence. So people affected seek the support they need.

Zero leprosy disability

We aim to reduce the likelihood of people with leprosy being disabled after diagnosis. We work with hospitals, health centres and people affected to improve treatment, self-care and inner wellbeing. And we help communities support people physically, mentally and spiritually.

Zero leprosy discrimination

We partner with human rights organisations and people affected by leprosy to end the stigma associated with the disease. We tackle discriminatory laws and practices. We support local champions. And we improve people’s living and working conditions. So they can be understood, respected and included.

To achieve our goals:

  • We support and protect our staff to be the best they can be.
  • We engage people in our work and make it easy to support us.
  • We speak with one voice globally to raise awareness and call for action.
  • We strengthen our partners and invest in research.

As a Christian organisation, our strategy is Christ-centred, with prayer and spiritual growth at the heart of our work and decision making.

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International Learning

Read about what we’ve learned from our projects, using our findings to inform our work in the future.

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Our latest Annual Review

How your gifts have made a difference, financial information and stories from the people you've helped.

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