Pioneering research

To defeat leprosy in our lifetime, we invest in research into how to manage the disease and its complications.

We have a proven track record. The Leprosy Mission has been involved in research for more than 50 years, from testing anti-leprosy drugs, such as clofazimine, in the 1960s and 70s to the innovative surgical procedures pioneered by Dr Paul Brand. We are proud to have contributed to modern advances in leprosy prevention and treatment.

In addition to carrying out field-based primary research, our research facilities in Bangladesh, India and Nepal work with 17 hospitals in clinical research.

Currently, our researchers are:

  • Developing a more effective and cheaper test for leprosy, so healthcare professionals can diagnose the disease early
  • Providing clear guidance for healthcare providers on managing the risks of relapse and drug resistance
  • Producing guidelines for administering post-exposure prophylaxis for people at risk of infection
  • Managing the complications of diabetes caused by long-term steroid use to treat leprosy reactions
  • Developing better training for health providers on recognising and screening leprosy reactions, reducing complications
  • Adapting proven techniques from other fields of science to solve leprosy complications

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