Give a Gift for Life™  

Gifts for Life™  are a way to give an extraordinary gift to a loved one or someone important in your life that in turn will make a real and lasting difference to the life of someone affected by leprosy.

You can choose a gift from our catalogue that suits your pocket and will please your chosen recipient. You will receive, in addition to our heartfelt thanks, a gift card to send to them so that they know what gift of love has been sent on their behalf.

All gifts are directly linked to the projects where they are needed the most, meaning that every penny you spend will benefit someone disadvantaged by leprosy.

Leprosy-affected people face a triple blow of disease, disability and discrimination. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we are able to provide a springboard for a new beginning to thousands each year. That’s why Gifts for Life are specially chosen to meet all a person’s needs, going beyond medical care to restore dignity, hope and independence. Choose gifts from one of the six categories below.

The greatest need

Alternatively, give a gift to The Leprosy Mission to use wherever the need is greatest