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The Leprosy Mission Prayer

Almighty Father, the giver of life and health, look mercifully on those who suffer from leprosy. Stretch out your hand to touch and heal them as Jesus did during his earthly life. Grant wisdom and insight to those who are seeking the prevention and cure of the disease; give skill and sympathy to those who minister to the patients; reunite the separated with their families and friends; and inspire your people with the task set before The Leprosy Mission, that it may never lack either the staff or the means to carry on its healing work, in accordance with your will, and to the glory of your holy name.   

We ask this for the sake of Jesus Christ your Son, our Lord.  


The Chittagong Hill Tracts contains some of the most widespread leprosy districts of Bangladesh and is the most marginalised area of the country. Pray that The Leprosy Mission can work to empower and train Government and other health workers to identify new leprosy cases and then provide follow-up services, such as practical help and advocacy by self-help groups.


Pray for people affected by leprosy in Ethiopia; for transformed lives through the love and care of those diagnosing and treating them; that it will be a positive and life-enhancing experience. 

Pray that leprosy-affected people will be encouraged to realise the importance of keeping up with treatment and enabled to stand up for their rights and how to access them.


Give thanks for the private member’s bill, listed by an MP who is a Senior Advocate in the Indian Parliament, to repeal/amend discriminatory laws in India. Pray that it will be heard and successfully voted through both of India’s houses of parliament during the winter session. Pray also that once passed, it will be implemented and it will make a huge difference so that people affected by leprosy can see an end to discrimination and claim their rights. 

The Leprosy Mission Trust in India has launched a community-based leprosy awareness campaign in three states of India: Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. There's a wide range of stakeholders - students and their teachers, people affected by leprosy, persons with disabilities, duty bearers and civil society organisations. Please pray for the stakeholders and success of the campaign.  


Pray that God will raise up new workers in Mozambique, with the skills and commitment to reach those who have active leprosy, yet remain undiagnosed. 

Give thanks for the children included in in the Iphiro Yohoolo education project. This helps to widen the choices available to children for education and work opportunities and helps them to break the cycle of poverty.

Pray for safety and security for The Leprosy Mission staff and partners who are working in Cabo Delgado, following  conflict and violence in the north of the province. Pray for an end to hostilities and for lasting peace in the country.

Myanmar (Burma)

Ask God for favour for The Leprosy Mission in Myanmar as it uses a community-based approach to strengthen people affected by leprosy and disability enabling them to stand on their own and speak up about issues related to their lives and communities. Thank God for the Disability Resource Centres which provide focal points for rehabilitation activities and gives The Leprosy Mission a presence in the regions with highest prevalence of leprosy. This helps to ensure new cases are detected and treated in a timely manner.

Pray for The Leprosy Mission in Myanmar as it sets up a much-anticipated Orthopaedic Shoe Workshop in Taungoo Township. Pray that it will change lives in a lasting way. Give thanks for the ways that God is working through the physiotherapists and other workshop team members.


Pray for staff at The Leprosy Mission in Nepal, who face routine difficulties of access into remote, high altitude areas on a regular basis. Pray too for people affected by leprosy and other disabilities who live in these remote areas of Nepal and who face the challenges of lack of infrastructure daily. People affected by leprosy in these regions are some of the poorest, vulnerable and marginalised people in the world. Give thanks that they are not forgotten and for the commitment of The Leprosy Mission staff who ensure they are cared for.

Thank God for the successful relief response to 790 households in Nepal affected by the recent floods & landslides, especially those affected by leprosy, people with disabilities and the wider communities. Thank God also for the unique psychosocial and medical relief support provided to many individuals by The Leprosy Mission team in Nepal and The Leprosy Mission Global Fellowship’s prompt response to the immediate crisis. Please pray for financial support to be provided to those who have lost their homes and who are living in desperate conditions.


The multidisciplinary team at The Leprosy Mission Niger, is a very dynamic team working n the CSL Danja hospital. Its role is to respond to physical, spiritual and social needs of people affected by leprosy for reintegration into society. Give thanks for the work already accomplished. Pray for the physical and spiritual restoration of this team, for the challenges encountered and especially for God’s wisdom in the decision-making. 


Praise God for the life-changing work being carried out through The Leprosy Mission in Nigeria by training people affected by leprosy in livelihood techniques such as irrigation and livestock farming. Through this work people’s lives are transformed as they become independent and gain dignity because they can provide for their families: they no longer go hungry and children have access to education.

Sri Lanka

Pray for an increase in early leprosy detection in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka and for all those diagnosed with leprosy to have access to appropriate health care and rehabilitation. Early treatment for leprosy helps to prevent deformity.  

Give thanks for partner, Kaveri Kala Manram, who works with The Leprosy Mission and the Government programme to ensure improved livelihoods and safe water supply, as well as better education, self-care techniques and access to welfare services.


Give thanks for the Aburoff Clinic in Khartoum, Sudan's only specialist leprosy centre where people affected by leprosy come from across Sudan for treatment. The centre provides support with self-care, as well as acting as a training centre for government staff. It helps to sustain the work to continue leprosy control activities such as diagnosis, treatment, eye care and wound care.