Latest prayer requests

Read the latest prayer requests from the worldwide Leprosy Mission family.

Protection and provision

The daily news headlines from the countries we work in are a real concern right now, with many of them being seriously affected by Covid-19.

Hospitals have struggled with staff shortages due to illness and sadly, some staff members have died or lost close family to the disease.

The availability of vaccines is variable. Shortages have been reported in many states in India. In Bangladesh it is estimated that only 1.4% of the 165 million population can be given a vaccine, based on current availability. Please pray for uncertainty over future supplies related to stock and for Myanmar in particular, currently experiencing a surge of new cases.

With such huge needs in Asia, please pray for God’s hedge of protection around all the staff providing treatment, and people living in leprosy communities. Pray too that somehow they will have access to a vaccine.

Hidden People

A combination of fear and lack of knowledge about leprosy means that many people affected by the disease do not seek treatment. Because of this it is estimated that there are countless 'hidden' cases of leprosy, particularly in remote and rural regions.

This means there is a great need for outreach teams to visit these areas to identify new cases of leprosy and raise awareness about its symptoms and treatment.

Give thanks for the medical teams who are willing to travel to hard to reach places to carry out this vital work.

Pray for their protection and that they will be able to build trust, break down barriers of stigma and discrimination, and speak truth where ancient myths about leprosy are prevalent.

Justice and equality

Stigma and myths surrounding leprosy means that people affected by the disease are often marginalised in their communities and rejected by their families and friends. In some countries, there are still laws that discriminate against them and restrict their rights. For example, in India, there are still over 100 laws making discrimination against people affected by leprosy legal. The Leprosy Mission is working to see these repealed.

Give thanks for the progress made so far in achieving equality for people affected by leprosy. Please pray for the many Champions for Zero Leprosy in India, like Pastor Elisha, who received training in leprosy advocacy thanks to you. Pray that their work will make a huge difference to people in their communities and that others will be inspired by their example.

Please keep praying that as we work for justice for people affected by leprosy, they will feel valued and know their worth in society.


There has been a cure for leprosy since the 1980s and in the past 20 years, 16 million people have been cured of the disease.

Give thanks that multidrug therapy is provided free of charge and for the generous support of everyone who gives gifts to ensure that it reaches those in need.

It is estimated that there are still around 10 million people living with the effects of leprosy. Pray for their successful treatment through hospitals, outreach clinics and mobile clinics. Give thanks for all the volunteers and staff who work to deliver care. Pray for their safety and protection as they demonstrate the compassion and love of Jesus to all those they serve.