Stamps and collectables

It is hard to believe that used stamps can help transform lives - but every year, money raised from stamps and collectables makes such a difference to people affected by leprosy.

It takes seconds to rescue a used stamp from an envelope destined for the recycling bin but, by doing so, you can bring hope and healing to some of the world's most marginalised people.

How does it work?

We sort all the contributions of stamps, postcards and collectables that you send us, then all items we receive are sold to help the people we serve. To make the most of your gift, we may need to divide it up, or combine it with others to sell. It is therefore not possible for us to say what an individual gift has raised, but you can be assured that your stamps and collectables make a big difference.

You can collect the following items

  • Stamps of all descriptions, from any country
  • Postcards, posted or unused
  • Coins and banknotes
  • Medals
  • Cigarette cards or tea cards

Please ensure when posting your gift to us that it is weighed and the correct postage paid. Even if your envelope is small please send it as a Large 2nd Class item as the stamps move during transit and may not pass the Royal Mail size test otherwise. Please do not use our freepost envelopes to send stamps as Royal Mail will not deliver them without us incurring costs.

Where to send your gifts

Stamps and Collectables

The Leprosy Mission

Goldhay Way

Orton Goldhay



If you would like an acknowledgement of your gift, please fill out our Stamps and Collectables form and include it along with your gift as well as a stamped addressed envelope.

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