Be a part of Jesus’ ministry to people with leprosy today!

Christians have been finding out how they can be a part of one of Jesus’ key ministries at a UK festival this week.

New Wine festival is back after a two-year absence with thousands gathering at the East of England Showground in Peterborough. The festival runs until Wednesday 3 August.

The Leprosy Mission has a stand in the Resource Hub, staffed by a vibrant team of staff and volunteers each day from 10.30am to 5.30pm and 8.30pm to 10.30pm. (With the exception of Thursday 28 July and daytime on Friday 29 July when the Resource Hub closes.)

Community Partnerships Manager Daisy Mansfield is leading The Leprosy Mission’s New Wine activities.

She said: “I’ve been blown away by the passion and interest in The Leprosy Mission’s work by Christians young and old.

“I think people are becoming increasingly aware of the difficulties facing people living in Asia and Africa. It is such a challenging time globally, when it comes to climate change, conflict and extreme poverty on the back of the pandemic.

“I do believe that God has put people affected by leprosy, some of the poorest and stigmatised on earth, on the hearts of Christians visiting our stand".

“We’ve had some amazing conversations. Many people have gone away with a real conviction to continue Jesus ministry of bringing complete healing to people with leprosy. This may be by giving or volunteering as little as an hour a week. God can use you in so many ways, even by raising the voices of those who are not being heard on social media!

"If you're visiting New Wine do come and say hello to us! We're wearing blue T-shirts and are easy to find. We would love to chat and give you a big warm welcome!"

At 2pm today [26 July], Chief Executive of The Leprosy Mission Peter Waddup and Head of Fundraising Louise Timmins will host a sofa session in the Resource Hub.

Louise said God laid on her heart what to bring to the sofa session on a recent trip to a Leprosy Mission hospital in India.

She said: "I have known Munia's remarkable story for many years now but somehow it had temporarily slipped my mind when preparing for New Wine. That is until I came across her quite by accident on the ward at Purulia Hospital. It was like meeting an old friend!

"Munia has been cared for by the incredible staff at Purulia Hospital for many years now. She is terribly disabled by leprosy and has suffered unimaginable prejudice. I was so happy to find Munia sitting on her bed doing crochet! This is remarkable in itself as Munia has lost most of her fingers to leprosy.

"It pains me to talk of what Munia has been through but when her family suspected she had leprosy, a cycle of terrible violence followed. They were ashamed of her and thought she was cursed. They didn't do the kind thing of taking her for treatment so leprosy disabled her hands and feet.

"One night, Munia’s family set fire to her and chased her from her home with knives. Traumatised and feeling worthless, she sat begging on a train platform.

"A kind stranger noticed Munia’s disabilities and took her to our hospital. She needs ongoing care for ulcers on her feet, and struggles to walk or hold her crochet needles. When I sat with her and prayed for her, earlier this month, I was moved to tears. She told me she feels valued as a person again. Her very words were "the kindness of strangers has made me want to live again".

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