Earthquake appeal donations help provide medical care and aid to thousands of people

In April Nepal was struck by an earthquake which killed 9,000 people.

Hundreds of thousands were injured – many of them critically. But hope has come to Nepal. You have provided emergency medical care to almost 2,000 victims, saving lives through your generosity and compassion.

You have also ensured that 389 victims of the earthquake have been given surgery, physiotherapy and mobility aids such as prosthetic limbs – completely free of charge – to enable them to have the very best hope of recovery. This was through The Leprosy Mission’s Anandaban Hospital on the outskirts of Kathmandu.

A further 1,555 victims of the earthquake have been treated by medical staff from Anandaban Hospital and the hospital has set up 15 emergency medical camps. Through these, people from far and wide are being comforted and having their wounds treated.

You have provided emergency food and provisions to 1,416 households and 1,735 tarpaulins which give emergency shelter to those who lost their homes in the devastating earthquakes of 25 April and 12 May. As well as coping with the loss of friends of family killed in the earthquake, communities affected by leprosy are now trying to repair their homes before the monsoon season takes hold.

Sitaram's house was partially damaged on 25 April and he was in the process of repairing it when the second earthquake hit on 12 May. As the house began to shake, Sitaram jumped off the roof, knowing it was the only way he could escape. As a result, both his legs were broken by the fall. He has been provided with treatment at Anandaban Hospital, who are also supplying his wife and children with food and shelter for as long as they need it.

“Anandaban has provided free treatment for me and I am very happy. Otherwise I would not have been able to cover the cost. I am very thankful to the hospital," he said.

Currently patients at Anandaban Hospital are being treated in temporary shelters erected in the hospital grounds. Earthquake damage caused to the main building means it is not currently safe for patients and it will need to be rebuilt.

Thank you so much for helping to save lives and restore hope in Nepal.