TV presenter Pam joins The Leprosy Mission

TV Broadcaster and author Pam Rhodes has been appointed Vice President of The Leprosy Mission England and Wales.

Pam has featured on a wide range of television and radio programmes, but since 1987 has been best known as the familiar face of BBC Television's Songs of Praise.

Pam said, “As a Christian, I've always been moved by stories in the Bible of people with leprosy being feared, expelled to live in colonies and separated from their families and community.” 

“Like most of us, I assumed that both that attitude, and the disfiguring disease itself, had been eradicated over the last 2000 years.

"It was shocking to discover that despite a cure being available, millions of people worldwide still struggle with the terrible effects of leprosy and a general attitude of rejection and stigma.”

“We often ask "What would Christ do?" I think He'd work to change the health and the lives of everyone with leprosy by the development of medical science, education and the creation of opportunities which will allow leprosy-affected people to have the dignity and sense of worth they deserve.”

“That's what I'd like to do and that's why I am honoured and enthusiastic about my appointment as Vice President of The Leprosy Mission.  

"I love the fact that the organisation is supported by Christians in all walks of life who do whatever they can to help. An army of ordinary people can work wonders when they know they are fighting to eradicate injustice and suffering.”

National Director Peter Waddup, said, “We are delighted to welcome Pam to The Leprosy Mission. We know she will make a wonderful Vice President and a great contribution to our work.”