World Leprosy Day 2024: Unseen

It's time for people affected by leprosy to be seen, known, and accepted.

If asked to name somewhere in India, you probably wouldn't say Bihar.

Set in the north-east of India, it’s a vast, rural state. It's also a forgotten place. Many families live in extreme poverty, with little access to healthcare. Leprosy is spreading, and more people than ever need the cure.

Yet throughout Bihar, the people that Jesus loved and healed in his earthly life are treated as the least and the last. The impacts are devastating.

People affected by leprosy are excluded and forgotten, cast out of their homes after being diagnosed. Many develop permanent disabilities because they couldn’t get the cure in time.

From a hospital in Muzaffarpur, a team works tirelessly to give people affected by leprosy the best possible care. It’s the only specialist leprosy hospital in the state. People travel for miles to get the treatment they need here. The doctors never turn anyone away, no matter how later they have to work.


But the hospital is old and dilapidated. The Outpatient Department needs urgent repairs. Can you picture the scene? The waiting room is always full, and patients queue outside for hours in the intense heat and monsoon rains. Many are elderly with painful ulcers. This isn’t God’s plan for these people!

What’s more, the walls are crumbling and there are holes in the roof. Doctors see patients in cramped consultation rooms. The hospital regularly floods too. It’s clear that Muzaffarpur Hospital just isn’t fit for purpose.

Without this incredible place, people affected by leprosy would have nowhere else to go to get the care they need. Together, we must take action. The hospital at Muzaffarpur must be equipped to serve now and for the future.

Will you help rebuild Muzaffarpur, so the team can continue giving care and comfort to every person that comes through its doors?

There are many ways you can make a difference, from joining with your church to make a difference, to inspiring young people to get involved.

And your support isn't just about building materials. It's about rebuilding lives too. You'll be giving people a chance to live without fear, stigma, or pain. You can create a world where no one has to suffer in silence or isolation because of leprosy.