Housing, water & sanitation

  • Housing

Many people affected by leprosy live in basic shelters with inadequate sanitation because of poverty, exclusion or an inability to assert their rights. Often they lived as part of a leprosy-affected community which has been evicted from the land they called home. We have provided thousands of leprosy-affected families with a safe home. Over the past few years we have worked in partnership with Brighter Future International Trust to provide 255 homes to leprosy affected communities in Andhra Pradesh in India.

Leprosy is most common in places of poverty with dirty water and poor sanitation contributing to the weakening of the body, leaving it unable to fight the disease. We provide clean water supplies and proper sanitation to communities affected by leprosy in a bid to increase people’s health and wellbeing. We recently constructed a water tower at Danja Hospital in Niger providing a clean water supply to 40,000 patients using the hospital each year as well as the communities surrounding the hospital which are extremely poor.