Does The Leprosy Mission undertake evangelism and missionary work?

We are a Christian organisation, holding to Biblical values and principles, and it is these values that motivate us to minister to the needs of people affected by leprosy, just as Jesus did. We believe that by serving some of the world’s neediest people, we serve Him.

Our first responsibility is to the needs of those we serve, regardless of their ethnicity, social standing, gender, or faith. We prioritise our practical care for people coupled with social justice and equality. We seek to demonstrate Jesus’s message through the love and compassion we show towards people affected by leprosy.

In the countries where we work we engage with local partners, often the local churches, and encourage them in their service to people affected by leprosy.  We offer technical and practical support in these circumstances. The benefit of working through the local church is they understand the local setting and are able to pastorally support individuals and families who want such help.

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